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6884. Antique French Silver Box with Ivory Carving

A lovely little antique silver box with sharp engine turned decoration and original gilt interior. On top there is a very pretty carved ivory panel with the figure of a young girl carrying a basket of flowers in a garden. In the background there’s a lion statue and a tall plinth. Weight 120 grams, 3.8 troy ounces. Diameter 8 cms. Height 3 cms. Unmarked silver. Probably French, circa 1880.

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6765. Rare Aspreys Silver and Crystal Travelling Set

A rare and extensive set of art deco silver and cut glass gentleman’s accessories in the original leather travelling case. Exceptional quality and heavy gauge silver. All engraved with the stylised monogram “RP” for R. Purbrick the original owner. Also available is the canvas travelling jacket to protect the leather case. London 1934. Maker Aspreys, London.

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6923. Antique Continental Silver Box

A substantial antique silver sugar box with a hinged lid. Plain styled with a ribbed body and lid, decorative splay feet and a pretty flower finial. Original gilt interior. Good gauge silver and locking mechanism (no key). 544 grams, 17.4 troy ounces. Height 13 cms. Length 18 cms. Width 14 cms. Marked on the reverse side with the makers mark and Austro Hungarian wheel mark for 1841.

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5488. Antique Russian Silver Sugar Box – 18th century

A rare Russian antique silver box with hinged lid and typical 18th century Russian decoration. Weight 182 grams, 5.8 troy ounces. Traces of gilt inside. Length 13 cms. Depth 9 cms. Height 9 cms. Russian stamps underneath for 1770.

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7023. Pair of Silver Frog Boxes

A pair of heavy sterling silver model frogs with hinged lids. Very quirky. Would be suitable for trinkets or stamps. Weight 465 grams, 14.9 troy ounces. Height 3.8 cms. Length 8 cms. Width 7.5 cms. London 1985 (date letters rubbed). Made by BSE Products.

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7018. Antique Turkish Silver Box

A delightful little antique silver box having a hinged lid with very pretty filigree scroll decoration. Traces of gilding showing. Weight 67 grams, 2 troy ounces. Height 2.2 cms. Width 5 cms. Length 6.5 cms. Stamped all over with Turkish silver marks and it has an assay scrape to the base. Otterman period. Probably Abdulmecid era (1839/61).

Price £650 - click on photo for more images

6853. Antique Dutch Silver Box

An attractive antique silver hinged box with engraved and embossed decoration. The central cartouche is uninscribed. Weight 35 grams, 1.1 troy ounces. Height 2.5 cms. Base 4.8 cms square. Stamped inside with Dutch silver stamps. Circa 1830.

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6296. Antique Continental Silver and Tortoiseshell Box

A small antique silver box with a sheet of polished tortoiseshell set in the lid and base. The silver is prettily decorated with a string of flowers and leaves. Traces of the original gilding.Length 8.25 cms. Depth 5 cms. Stamped around the rim of the mount with “sterling 935”, “made in Austria”, Austrian silver marks and makers initials C.S.Z. Circa 1920.

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6277. Antique Silver and Stone Set Box

An unusual little silver collectors box of oval form with a detachable lid. The exterior is decorated with multicoloured enamels over which there are applied silver borders and beads. The top is mounted with semi precious stones. Length 5.5 cms. Width 4 cms. Height 2 cms. This colourful little box is marked around the edge with 2 silver stamps (unidentified). Possibly eastern european. Circa 1900.

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7178. Antique Russian Silver Case

Fantastic quality. An antique silver cigarette case with intricate basket weave decoration. The engraved niello band has some Russian letters in cyrilic writing on one side and to the other side there is a central cartouche in the form of a seal with engraved initials and a crest. Operated with a push button, the mechanism works well and the interior is gilded. Weight 128 grams, 4.1 troy ounces. Height 2.5 cms. Box measures 10 x 5.5 cms. Marked inside in the top and bottom with Russian silver marks and the date 1875.

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7102. Antique Scottish Silver Snuff Mull

A charming antique silver mounted horn snuff box having a hinged lid with inset silver disc and a shield to the front. The quality of the horn is particularly good. Length 8 cms. Diameter 4 cms. Unmarked silver. Most probably Scottish. Circa 1820.

Price £550 - click on photo for more images

6686. Antique Silver and Horn Snuff Mull

A very collectible antique silver snuff mull with a silver hinged lid and chain. The horn body is in excellent condition. On the front is an inscription dated 1838.Length 17.5 cms. Diameter of top 3 cms at widest point. Marked inside lid with a continental silver stamp – CLNU SILBER. Probably Swedish and circa 1830.

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6101. 1920s Gold and Silver Table Snuff Box

An extremely smart vintage sterling silver snuff box or cigarette box with gold stripes and engine turned decoration. Gilt interior (slightly worn) and presentation inscription. Weight 232 grams, 7.4 troy ounces. Length 12 cms. Width 7.5 cms. Height 2 cms. Birmingham 1921. Maker William Base & Sons.

Price £425 - click on photo for more images

5426. Georgian Silver Cowrie Shell Snuff Box

A highly collectible antique sterling silver and shell snuff box having a hinged lid with engraved monogram. Original gilt interior. Length 7 cms. Width 5.5 cms. London 1808. Maker Thomas Phipps & Edward Robinson.

Price £475 - click on photo for more images

3169. George V Silver Table Snuff Box.

A super quality and large sterling silver octagonal snuff box of good proportions and having simple elegant styling. The top has a bright cut decorated border and long flush hinge. Length 12.5 cms. Width 8.25 cms. Weight 275 grams, 8.8 troy ounces. London 1910. Retailed by Collingwood and Co.

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Silver Tea Caddy Boxes

7475. George III Silver Caddy Box by Hester Bateman

A very elegant antique sterling silver tea caddy of oval form with a hinged lid. With the charming features this highly sought after Georgian lady silversmith is famous for. Hand engraved with a lovely decoration of flower swags and a cartouche front and back with the crest of a stag and motto. The lid has an inset hinge and a carved pineapple finial. Weight 372 grams, 11.9 troy ounces. Base 12 x 9 cms. Height 9 cms (12 cms to top of finial). London 1781. Maker Hester Bateman.

Price £3,350 - click on photo for more images

7191. Pair of George III Silver Tea Caddies

A fine pair of antique sterling silver drum caddy boxes of plain circular form having hinged lids with flower finials. Bright internal gilding. These delightful tea boxes each have an engraved crest to the top together with the name of a tea, one has “GREEN” and the other has “BOHEA” (a Chinese black tea). The lids and body are hand engraved with intertwined foliage and swags of harebells. Weight 587 grams, 18.8 troy ounces. Height 9.5 cms. Diameter 10 cms. London 1772. Maker Thomas Justis.

Price £4,850 - click on photo for more images

7107. Antique Silver Tea Caddy

A delightful little sterling silver caddy box in the form of a Georgian wooden tea caddy. With hexagonal form and a faux inlaid wooden panel to the lid. Good plain style and very smart straight lines. Weight 160 grams, 5.1 troy ounces. Height 8 cms. Width 9 cms. Sheffield 1906. Maker Thomas Bradbury & Sons.

Price £585 - click on photo for more images

6701. Georgian Tea Caddy in Old Sheffield Plate

An unusual oval shaped antique caddy box with double opening top and swing handle. Very charming with its plain form and applied borders. Original gilt interior. Height 14 cms (to top of handle) and 6/7 cms (to top of box). Top of box measures 14.5 x 9 cms.

Price £285 - click on photo for more images

6666. Set of George II Silver Caddies by Phillip Garden

An excellent quality matching set of antique sterling silver tea jars with lift off lids and finely engraved armorials. Attractive vase shape with rope border and cute little flower finial. With spiral decoration and high relief embossed flower decoration. One large caddy and a matching pair of smaller caddies. Remarkable weight. Weight 929 grams, 29.8 troy ounces. Large caddy height 15 cms, diameter (inside top) 6.35 cms (bottom) 6.75 cms. Pair of smaller caddies height 15 cms, diameter (inside top) 5.5 cms (bottom) 6 cms. London 1753. Maker Phillip Garden.

Price £5,850 - click on photo for more images

6534. Antique Silver Tea Caddy

A stylish antique sterling silver box in the form of a tin can. Lovely plain style with a pull off lid and little handle. Weight 237 grams, 7.6 troy ounces. Height 9 cms. Diameter 8.5 cms. London 1897. Maker James Aitchison.

Price £495 - click on photo for more images

6213. Georgian Set of Caddies in a Box – Old Sheffield Plate

A collectors lot. A very rare set of antique caddies with plain rectangular shape and pull off lids. In the original fitted box with mahogany flame veneer and silver fittings. It’s a pleasure to find a set like this in early Old Sheffield plate. Both box and caddies have no restoration. Some copper showing. Circa 1780.

Price £1,950 - click on photo for more images

5408. Dutch Silver Tea Caddy

A pretty little Dutch silver caddy box with push button catch and pomegranate finial. Very elegant design. Weight 205 grams, 6.5 troy ounces. Height 9.5 cms. Length 12 cms. Width 8.5 cms. Dutch silver marks for 1844.

Price £875 - click on photo for more images

Silver Card Cases  

7481. Antique Silver Card Case

An antique sterling silver card case with hinged top and all over embossed scroll decoration. To the front there is a deep relief representation of the Scott Memorial in Edinburgh, Scotland. On the back there is a vacant central cartouche. Weight 70 grams. Height 10 cms. Width 7 cms. Birmingham 1886. Makers mark indistinct.

Price £875 - click on photo for more images

7224. Antique Maltese Silver Card Case

An excellent antique silver card case with a flip top and all over filigree decoration. There is a large Maltese cross to each side. Weight 75 grams, 2.4 troy ounces. Height 14.5 cms. With Maltese silver marks on the inside edge. Maker Annibale Portanier. Circa 1850.

Price £475 SOLD

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